About Us

Hope Cress Farms is a family run farm located in Warren County, New Jersey.
At Hope Cress Farms, we strive to deliver the freshest, most delicious and nutritious farm products to your doorstep. We are merely passing on to you the same fresh and healthy goodness that we have been feeding our family for years. We offer a wide range of products from farm fresh eggs to pastured beef and chicken and pork, all of which is raised on our farm. We mix all of our feed so we know what goes into each animal and are assured that they are getting a balanced healthy diet without the use of steroids or any growth hormones.
We also offer a wide range of microgreens, year round. We currently grow about 35 different varieties of microgreens, from the very mild sugar peas or carrots, to the more bold mustards and radishes and tongue tingling lemon basil or cilantro. Whether you are looking to enhance your daily salad or spice up a dish for dinner, there is something for you. We also grow and sell a full line of produce in season. Because we are producing what we sell we are able to keep our prices very competitive passing the savings on to you.